Saturday, May 26, 2012

IPL Final 2012, Chennai VS KKR

Finally, we have to come the last phase which will decide, whether CSK or KKR walk up with the honors for this year's IPL. CSK were almost out of the tournament and had to wait for few other teams to lose in their last matches, to be able to proceed further in tournament. Luck has been their way, but after that in last 2 matches they have been ruthless to say the least. Can CSK do it one more time or KKR will upset them?
Stars are placed in favor of KKR to win this match and if they keep their cool, they can manage to win. CSK, won't find it easy today.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chennai VS Delhi, IPL Semis 2012

Finally, coming to the stage where today's winner will lock horns with KKR in Finals of IPL 2012. Let's see how stars are placed for Delhi & Chennai. This one looks a close one as both teams have almost equally good chance of winning  - so you can expect a close contest today. Chennai has slight upper hand, but just to give in terms of percentage it is 52% for Chennai and 48% for Delhi. 
Let's sit back and enjoy this one

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IPL 2012 - Mumbai VS Chennai

KKR has made it to the Finals of IPL 2012, let's see whether Mumbai or Chennai can make it?? But for that, they have to first battle it out today. How are stars placed today???
Mumbai has more chances of going through next level as they take on Chennai today. Chennai, would need to play really well to get past Mumbai. Lets keep put our fingers crossed!

Monday, May 21, 2012

IPL 2012 - Delhi DaredevilsVS Kolkata Knight Riders

After battling out in league phase, we now have top 4 teams - Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Superkings, who will be looking to get their hands around the trophy. Today's first qualifier Delhi Daredevils VS Kolkata Knight Riders - On paper both sides look equally strong, but lets have a look at what stars say. Stars are in favor of Kolkata Knight Riders as they are the ones, who are likely to make it to the finals. Delhi Daredevils watch out as Kolkata Knight Riders may set ground on fire -:)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

India V Pakistan Asia Cup

It can not get bigger than this. Arch rivals, India and Pakistan face to face in Asia cup. Pakistan are on high after beating both Bangladesh and Srilanka as they have almost secured spot in finals. India on other hand had to suffer defeat at the hands of Bangladesh. Lets see what stars say for this one..
Pakistan are likely to put a good show and it will be evident from their game. India on other hand will find it difficult to handle situation. So Pakistan are favorites for this game.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bangladesh VS India

After convincing victory against Srilanka, Indian's have now their confidence level high as they take on Bangladesh for their 2nd match of this Asia cup tournament on 16th March, Friday. Let's see what the stars say for today's match..
Bangladesh is likely to perform very well today, hence Indian team shouldn't take things casually as this may call for trouble. Stars are favoring Bangladesh for today's match, so we can expect a good show from them. Indian team on other hand may disappoint with their performance. Indian team may need to put in something special to overcome this and beat Bangladesh.
Seems weird looking at current form, but Bangladesh is favorites for this one.

Monday, March 12, 2012

India V Srilanka Asia Cup

After the dismal performance in Australia,can India put up a good show in Asia Cup?
India start their campaign against Srilanka on March 13 2012. Lets see what the stars say for this match-
India are favorites to win this one as 70% chances are India is likely to beat up Srilanka
Srilanka on other hand may struggle with their form.